1948 advances in entertainment technology

Posted: April 17, 2013 in Uncategorized


There were a few technological advances in the Olympic year of 1948.  The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) was the first to televise the Olympic games in the home.  In the 1936 games, the Olympics were televised on 25 different screens around Berlin.  This was the first sporting event ever televised.  However, not to be outdone by the Germans, the BBC brought the games to home televisions.  Around 500,000 people all over England got to see the games.  This was a major step in televising sporting events in the future.  Below is an interesting short film of this new technology…


Another technological advancement in the world of entertainment was the LP record.  The LP, or Long Play, record provided advantages over the previous phonograph records.  The use of vinyl, “micro groves”, and a slower spin speed allowed for a better quality sound, more continuous music per side (5 minutes to 20 minutes), and the elimination of an actual album.  Previously, a record album was an actual bound “book” which contained sleeves of multiple records.  The LP allowed for these collections of music to be contained on one disc.  However, the title “album” still stuck with the single disk.  Columbia Records is given credit for this advancement.





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