The games, a summary of the spectacle

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The 1948 summer Olympics was one for the ages.  These games were the first held in 12 years because of WWII.  Much of Europe was still rebuilding yet the world pulled together and enjoyed a great summer Olympic games.

The games were set in London, England during a time where there was still deep pain from the war.  The games were originally set to be played in 1944 but had to be cancelled because of the war.  England had to pull together these games rather quickly and on limited resources.  Food was scarce as there was still rationing going on.  Luckily Wembley stadium survived through the war so this was the site that most of the games took place.   There was however, very little by way of excitement heading into the games.  There wasn’t much fanfare, decorations like flags, or even advertisements.  Many people in England even felt the games were forced on England when they should be focused on pulling a nation from the ashes and destruction of war.


There were many new countries that participated like Burma, Syria, and Venezuela.  However, there were three notable countries who did not participate, Germany, Japan, and USSR.  Germany and Japan were not invited to participate due to being the aggressors of WWII.  In the end, the games were considered by most a great success.  The world was able to come together and enjoy a sense of normalcy.  Here is a quote from a writer

“…somehow the old and new democrats and the dwellers behind iron curtains strove and played happily together, and the spirit of the Olympic oath was honored.  This surely was something of a miracle in our times.”


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